Monday, July 9, 2012

Library Lover

Working in a library is the best job in the world. I'm surrounded by books all day, I have a great team of workmates who make the work day fun, I get to read stories to babies & children twice a week, Access to all new books & movies, Chatting with all the wonderful patrons and running a youth book club. Can't get any better than that for me :)


This is my Library! It's where I come to work everyday (how lucky am I!)

Performer Earl Leonard came into the library for a school holiday activity. He wowed the crowds of parents and kids with songs & dancing.

Left: Illustrator Craig Smith came in to show some primary school tips on drawing.

Right: A display that I did this year.

All these three photos are from when we had a school holiday activity called "Toys in the library". Children brought theirs toys to the library for a sleepover and we caught on camera what the toys got up to while they stayed over night.

What do you love most about your library?

Bye for now ~ Sami X 

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