Monday, December 16, 2013

D.I.Y Christmas

There's isn't long til Christmas so I thought I'd share a few D.I.Y Christmas ideas I found through pinterest. I haven't had a chance to try anyone of these yet but there's always next year! Enjoy!

~ These are so adorable and such a simple gift idea, who doesn't like chocolate?

~ Kids love the magic of Christmas and this is a fun craft idea to help bring Santa to life. Leave a key for him to get into your house instead of coming down the chimney (or if you don't have a chimney)

~ A very cute and easy gift for hot chocolate lovers. 

~ Sick of the boring christmas wrapping? The above link will take you to a blog with lots of gorgeous christmas gift wrapping ideas.

~ These would be a great little Kris Kringle gift to give to someone as they're unique and handmade. They would dress up anyone's home.

Have you got any Christmas D.I.Y ideas?

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