Friday, September 19, 2014


Falling Fast (Flynn #1) by Sophie McKenzie

Rating: 2 out of 5 hearts
247 pages
Released: March 2012
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This is life, not a rehearsal...
When River auditions for a part in an inter-school performance of Romeo and Juliet, she finds herself smitten by Flynn, the boy playing Romeo. River believes in romantic love, and she can't wait to experience it. But Flynn comes from a damaged family - is he even capable of giving River what she wants? The path of true love never did run smooth...


Falling Fast is your typical boy/girl love story. Boy comes from the bad side of town and the girl is from the middle class side of town. There's also lots of family issues going on behind the scenes - throw in sex, alcohol and Shakespeare which adds up to be a fairly predictable Young Adult romance novel.

I might not have been in the mood, whatever it was, this was not the book for me. There must have been something though that made me want to keep listening. Could be the simple, easy story or that it was a quick 5 hour/4 CD set so I knew that if I kept going there wouldn't be much longer to go.

I didn't know this was the beginning to a series, and I have no desire to find out anything more about River and Flynn. Sorry guys! 

On the cover

Typical teen romance cover, couple cuddling in a field and looking so in love. I love the awesome bright colors of the title but that's about it. It's very boring..

What I'm listening to next: Broken by C.J Lyons

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