Friday, August 10, 2012

Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair 2012

My best friend Amy & I took a train to Melbourne and went along to the Craft & Quilt Fair which was held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Amy has a great blog post on what she bought on the day so go and check it out!

I haven't been attending any markets because the bad weather has kept me inside and also because of this I haven't had any inspiration to do any crafting. So, this was the perfect thing to spark my interest and get me going again. Amy & I had a great time wandering around and seeing all the amazing things people have created.

Below are my purchases of the day. I've been interested in Cross Stitch and was happy to have found a very simple design that I can practice with. My knitting skills consist of scarves and I thought getting this "Ribbons" wool would be a step up from that as it's a trickier scarf pattern to knit.
I fell in love with the trims below and can't wait to work with them to make brooches and hair accessories. I'll post again once I have finished any of these projects.

Did you attend the Fair this year or any other years? What did you think?


  1. Your new brooches look so nice with the frills, also can't wait to see your cross stitch :P

    1. Thanks Ami! I'm sure you will love yours once you get it :)


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