Saturday, August 11, 2012

They just keep getting better and better!

Purity in Death (In Death series #15)
By J. D. Robb
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Purity in Death finds our heroine on an assignment that leaves her even more tormented by the past. When a deadly computer virus is unleashed on society's undesirables (namely, child abusers), it's up to Eve -- along with her astonishingly handsome husband, Roarke; her feisty aide, Peabody; e-geek McNab; and her mentor, Captain Feeny -- to discover the origins of the virus and shut down the clandestine vigilante group that created it before the next target is marked for execution.

Eve's task is complicated further as she grapples with her demons (as a child-abuse victim, it was a matter of survival that led Eve to kill her father) and squares off with Roarke, who does not regard the group's intentions as inherently bad. Once again, she must muddle through those gray areas of right and wrong as she seeks to "stand for the dead," and answer the question of whether the group is justified in its actions, or whether they simply represent a new breed of terrorist.

Review: Oh my gosh, this was pretty amazing.  I can’t believe J. D. Robb still has fresh material, after 15 books she’s still got! Eve is back to stand up for crime. Although this time is she standing up for the wrong guys? A terrorist type group is killing off people who are truly evil but does that give them the right to choose who gets to live or die? This is the dilemma that Eve is faced with when some people agree with the group. I love this series so much and this one reminds me so much of one of the other books in the series that I enjoyed, it was called Rapture in Death. That book also focuses on technology being responsible for the deaths. These books are set in the future but that is never the main part of the story, it’s just something that is there in the background. So I love when technology is involved in the crime because it’s always really interesting and Robb does a good job of making it seem real – like some time in the near future this could really happen. What I also really like about these books are the characters. Every single one of them feel so real to me and I love learning more and more about them. To wrap it up I can’t get enough of these books and I hope they are still this good by the time i get to the 30th.

On the cover: Ok ok so there's no way I would pick up this book by it's cover. It's truly hideous and boring but if you take a look at this cover at least it's a little more appealing. Neither of the covers tell me anything about what's going to be inside, so please do not judge this book by it's cover.

What I'm listening on Audio to next: Now by Morris Gleitzman

Have you read this series before? What do you like about it?

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