Friday, September 7, 2012

Wishlist #2

1. Wooden Cameo brooch ~ $15 from madeit
2. Caelia Fairy by Selina Fenech ~ $28.70 from LaceyLady
3. Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare ~ Released in 2013 info on goodreads 
4. "Ode to the elite" Nail polish ~ $10 from Etsy 
5. Red Fox Mary Janes ~ $24 from Etsy 

1. I love brooches. I have a very plain uniform that I wear to work, (yes that's right, I work at a library and wear a uniform - weird!) so I like to wear brooches to jazz it up.

2. Fairies are so beautiful and I have many collectable figurines among other things. I think this one is simply gorgeous and would be perfect for my collection (if my boyfriend would let me buy anymore)

3. This cover is divine! It's the newest book in the "Infernal Devices" series, need I say more...

4. I need this! It will dress up any color nail polish and be perfect for my polish collection.

5. How cute are these? I think I have a thing about foxes, owls are out - foxes are in. 

What is on your wishlist?


  1. Those fox shoes are so cute!! I can totally imagine you in them Sami.

    1. I've had them on my favourites for a while now, too bad they don't have squirrel ones for you :P


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