Monday, October 15, 2012

Inspiring Crafters

As a fellow crafter I have many people that I admire. I wanted to show off these talented people and their wonderful creations. And to top it off all of these people are Australians! Go Aussies!
{All pictures taken from their respective webpages - click on their names to go to their webpages}

This is a gorgeous Day of the Dead - Ariel Princess brooch.
I love Ariel so much and this is so cool because you can wear art on your clothing!

A candle in a tea cup, how cute is that?
I love the idea of having a beautiful tea cup sitting on the table setting the mood 
and leaving your house smelling delicious.

That Vintage features Tasmanian Myrtle Wood Jewellery & other accessories.
I love the little birds & rabbits that are often shown on pieces.

Too bad this isn't edible. 
Dark and light creations are funky and that little bit different.

This is the candle I purchased from the talented Art Of Indigo.
Their candles are masterpieces and too good to burn.

Who inspires you?

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