Sunday, May 5, 2013

Face Of Australia - Glitterati Nail Enamel Swatch

Face Of Australia have released their new Glitterati Nail Enamel and in this post I will show you two of those polishes. The polishes from left to right in the above picture are: L-R Dancing Queen, Studio 54, Saturday Night Fever, Lookin' For Some Hot Stuff, Disco Inferno, Boogie Wonderland, Heart Of Glass and Funky Town.

The two polishes I will be showing are Heart Of Glass & Boogie Wonderland as pictured below.

In Australia it's hard to purchase Franken Polishes because most of the best Franken polishes are made in the U.S. and they don't ship overseas. While I was shopping in my local Priceline store I saw this gorgeous collection of nail polishes. It was so hard to pick which ones I liked the best but I finally decided on theses two. But with a price of only $4.95 you could almost buy them all!

This is 'Boogie Wonderland' and as you can see it's jam packed with all sort of glitters. With only one coat I noticed how much glitter came out with one stroke. This polish is a milky lavender base with long white & green glitter, big white hex glitter and orange, purple, dark blue and pink circle glitter. This is with three coats of the polish and I love it, it's so much fun! My only problem with this polish is the long green glitter sticks up, they're scratchy and get caught on things.

This is 'Heart Of Glass' and is so beautiful. I was lucky enough to pull out a heart glitter on my middle finger, very cute! This is another milky polish with a baby pink base and so many different types and colours of glitters. There's small silver round glitter, small purple square glitter, small pink glitter, medium silver stripe glitter, large red square glitter, large pink hex glitter, large purple hex glitter and large red hearts. Phew that's a lot! This is also three coats and looks gorgeous.

Which one do you like best? 

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