Thursday, May 23, 2013

Australis Swatch ~ Fairy Bread Nails "Milky Way"

In one of my earlier posts I did a swatch of Face Of Australia's new nail enamel collection. Today I'm showing off one of Australis' nail enamel Glitter collection called "Milky Way"

This is three coats using the polish on naked nails and I think it looked really great, but I decided to add a bit of colour to my tips to match the colourful glitter. With each stroke you get LOTS of glitter and it spread quite easily. This polish is a milky white base with tiny blue glitter, and multi-colour medium & large hex glitter. I found this polish in my local Priceline store and it was $7.95 which I thought was a bit expensive. Then I decided $7.95 was reasonable for such an awesome colour and when good Franken-polishes are hard to come by in Australia, or are too expensive to ship from the U.S. 

I'd like to try this over some different coloured nail polishes to see how it may change the dynamic of the milky base and the different coloured glitters. I know the name of this polish is called "Milky Way" but I think it looks so much like Fairy bread, it's like I was wearing hundreds & thousands on my nails! (although there is a glitter in this collection already called Fairy Bread which I will be posting about at a later date)

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