Sunday, June 16, 2013

BYS Caviar beads & Glitterdust swatch

I recently discovered BYS new range of polish range - caviar beads & glitterdust. I picked these up in my local K-mart for under $8.00. In the package you get a nail polish, a pot of either caviar beads or glitter dust and an application brush.

These are the colours that I chose but there are so many to choose from it was hard to pick. To see other colours then click on the links above. They come in really nice packaging too, which on the back gives you very simple instructions about how to apply the beads or glitter.
I used the caviar beads kit first and I absolutely love the coral colour nail polish that comes with it. The beads and polish suit each other really well.

It was so simple to apply the beads to the finger and the brush is so soft and easily sweeps the leftover beads off your finger and back into the pot.
One thing to mention is don't put a top coat over the beads because it wipes away the colour. But! I found that the other hand that didn't have a top coat on it didn't last as long, after a shower quite a few of the beads came off. So, I guess it's up to you if you want to put a top coat on or not.
To the right is the final product - I decided to only put beads on my accent finger. What do you think?

To apply the beads or glitter you paint your nail and while it is wet you dip it into the pot like in the first picture on the left. The next step is to take it out of the pot and let it dry on your nail - you will notice there will be a lot of glitter all over your finger like in the top right picture. The last step is to use your application brush to brush away the excess glitter back into the pot. Ta-da! You have a glitter covered nail like in the bottom right picture. Do not put a top coat over the glitter! It takes away the awesome effect.

The finished product - Glitter on the pointer & pinky finger, with a striped accent finger and the middle finger & thumb have silver holographic polish over black.

Have you tried this new range? What did you think?

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