Monday, June 18, 2012

Weapons of choice

I love painting my nails and doing Nail art.
"Nail Art: Beautification of the nails with patterns, paintings or other decorative motifs"

It can be very rewarding when you get it right. I have been doing Nail art for 
over a year now and this was the first ever design I did.

*Cupcakes wth spots & stripes*
I was extremely proud of myself and as you can see this is my right hand so I painted this with my left hand which is even harder as I'm right handed. I have done many different designs since then and here are a few of my favourites.


Top Left: *Rainbow Dash My Little Pony* 
Top Right: *Somewhere over the Rainbow* Bottom Left: *Vintage Flowers with spots & stripes* 
Bottom Right: *Purple Owl & hearts*

  Now I'd like to show you my weapons of choice for painting my nails.....

Left: Sally Hansen Insta Dri ~ Anti-chip Top Coat 
Right: Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails as a Base Coat

I always put a base coat on my nails before painting them because it stops the nail from yellowing and also strengthen the nails. After I have finished with my design and the nail polish is pretty much dry I put my Top Coat on which drys the nail polish in 30 seconds and also acts as an Anti-chip.  
For detailing I use 2-Way Nail Art pen/brush click here and I also use 2-Way Nail Art Dotting Tool pens click here Click the links to see the items through eBay.

I plan to have a few more picture tutorials of my nail designs in the future so look out for them. I hope this post has given you ideas or inspiration to go out and do some art on your nails too.

Bye for now ~ Sami X

What should I paint on my nails next?

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