Sunday, February 17, 2013

Terrestrial Nails - Nail Polish Swatches

Franken Nail Polishes are all the rage now in the nail polish lovers world, so of course I HAD to jump on the band wagon.

Terrestrial nail polishes are my first handmade polish purchases. The three polishes I purchased are 'Alice', 'Piggy' and 'Vampy'.

There's not many people in Australia making their own Franken nail polish so you'd be looking at paying a little bit for postage from America but if you find something you love it's worth it!

This is my swatch of 'Vampy'. I used it as a Christmas nail art design.

This is a milky white base with very tiny gold glitter, small red hex glitter and red star glitter.

This is 3 layers of the polish and I kind of wished I had put it over some white polish because then you could have seen the red stars in it a bit better.

It was pretty easy to apply and the stars came out without having to struggle to get them out.

This is my swatch of 'Piggy'. It is a very light pink base with tiny pink & gold glitter, small pink hex glitter, medium gold hex glitter and large black hex glitter.

This is 2 layers over a very opaque pink polish and I liked it because a good amount of all glitters came out in one application.

I like how this colour looked. One thing was that it looked like a matte polish once I was done so I applied a top coat to make it shiny.

This is my swatch of 'Alice'. It's a milky white base with tiny gold glitter, small black round glitter, very large gold hex glitter, large gold stars and large blue diamonds.

This is 3 layers over an opaque white polish. This polish was VERY runny so the bigger glitter was very difficult to get out. I had to shake the bottle every time and fish out the big glitter.

I don't know why this polish was thinner than the other polishes I bought but I still like it and it was worth the extra work to get the bigger glitter out.

Which one do you like best? Let me know if you have a favourite Franken polish.

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