Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Awesome year of movies

So the long awaited movie has been released "The Hobbit" hit the cinemas in Australia on Boxing Day and unfortunetly I couldn't see it Boxing Day as I was with family but I went to see it the next day and I'm hooked, My Lord of the Rings craze is back!

I thought I'd share some movies that were released last year and I thought were awesome!

 Rock Of Ages
This movie was me all over! 80's rock musical with my newest girl crush Julianne Hough as the main character. I have watched this multiple times since I saw it at the movies.

The Hunger Games
One of my favourite books I read last year was also one of my favourite movies. I think they did a great job with the movie adaptation and can't wait to see the others in the trilogy.

Pitch Perfect
Another musical type movie which was hilarious and the music blew me away. Rebel Wilson is at her best, great casting!

21 Jump Street
Jonah Hill is the bomb in this, he is so funny! And then there's Canning Tatum, who doesn't love him. I've never seen the original with Johnny Depp but this one had me in stitches!

The Watch
I had no idea what this movie was about but it had me laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt! 
Putting these four actors together was pure genius!

The Avengers
Bringing together some awesome superheroes in this action packed movie did it for me. 
I've seen each of the superheroes own movies and enjoyed all of those also. Plus I get to see two hot Chris' in one movie.

The Amazing Spiderman
Another Marvel superhero, this reboot was so awesome! There was lots of story, action and romance, I loved every second of it! The villian was also wicked plus Andrew Garfield fits the suit well ;-)

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
This was another one that came from left centre, I had no idea what to expect and what I got was awesome-ness! Abraham Lincoln fighting Vampires, how cool is that! Lots of slo-mo and action that packs a punch... in the teeth {pun intended}

This Means War
Another great movie that meshes comedy, action & romance into one great ball and throws it at our faces! This is one for the girlfriends to see with their boyfriends.

The Dark Knight Rises
Batman is back and with some awesome baddies! Catwoman & Bane, two truly wicked characters from the Batman series. And Anne Hathaway as Catwoman is what makes the movie!

Daniel Craig is back as Bond, James Bond. As always with Bond there's fast cars, fast paced and fast women. What's not to love about Bond?

This is one of those movies where you think 'a talking crude teddy bear, yeah right lame!' but actually it was watchable, VERY watchable! It actually has a good storyline and makes sense, plus it has "Family Guy" humor so you can't beat that :D

Men in Black 3
The guys are back for another alien packed ride. I loved the first one and thought number two was ok but this one really surprised me. A fantastic storyline and after a few parts that weren't all that funny, the humor picked up again and I found myself really liking it!

So that's it for now, Are there any movies that you really enjoyed last year?



  1. Great post! :-D So many of these movies are on my favourites of 2012 list too! THE HOBBIT! (of course), the Hunger Games, 21 Jump St (SO FUNNY!), The Watch (Also hilarious, Jonah Hill is GREAT, Spiderman, This is War was good but I enjoyed Tom Hardy's "Lawless" much more (Tom Hardy ::swoon::), Batman, Skyfall. So many great movies!

    1. I know! 2012 was packed with lots of great movies.


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