Thursday, January 17, 2013

January Nail Art Challenge

I saw this challenge on Instagram and thought it looked like a bit of fun. I didn't see this until the 4th so I missed out on doing the Ombre nails so I started with the Sparkles.

These are my Sparkles nails - cute and simple

These are my Pastel nails using one of my Franken polishes hand made by Terrestrial Nails called "Piggy" 

These are my Animal Print nails. I did these early on a Friday morning before I started work so I did them really quickly and they're really messy! If I had time to do them I would've liked to do leopard print nails as I've never done them before.

I decided to do Navy & Subtle Snow nails together and I will post a tutorial of these nails at a later date so look forward to seeing that. It's very easy!

I'm about half way through the challenge and I've enjoyed doing it so far. The only thing is that I have to do my nails more regularly than I normally would. I usually paint my nails once a week where as I'm almost doing them twice a week while doing the challenge. 

If you like doing your nails you should definitely try doing the February Challenge when it's posted on Instagram. I post all my nail art pictures of my Instagram, my username is love_sami if you would like to follow me.


  1. Loving them Sami! When the month is over I'm going to do a little re-cap post on my nails (even though I've been a little slack lately!) My favourites are the sparkly ones :-)

    1. Thanks Ami! I look forward to seeing your post of all your nails :)


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