Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wow I haven't posted anything for over two weeks now. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break with family or friends and enjoyed your new year's. It is now 2013, I felt like last year went so fast! We also have to get used to writing 2013 instead of 2012 now.

So I wanted to share some pics of the manicures I did during my accidental M.I.A.

Heart Balloon Nails 

 Blue Heaven Nails using many of my different blue nail polishes

Purple People Eater nails also using many of my Purple nail polishes

Some simple Christmas nails using one of my new Indie Franken Polishes "Vampy" 
created by Terrestrial Nails {I will posting some swatches later of the other polishes I bought}

I thought these nails looked very much like "My Little Pony" nails just because they were bright and super cute. {Sorry about the bad photo quality :S}

Another Christmas manicure using my new polishes I had purchased. One of them was my Rimmel matte top  which worked really well {I will be doing a post later on about that}

These are my cute Christmas nails and also my last Christmas nails which I wore Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Boxing Day. Which character is your favourite?

Which manicure do you like the best?

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